Eligibility for Clinical Nephrology Technology and Biomedical Nephrology Technology Certification Examinations:
  • Have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent OR four years of full time experience in the field of nephrology technology
  • Completion of a one year nephrology technology training program with clinical experience, and/or completion of a combination nephrology technology training program of less than 1 year and work experience equivalent to 1 year
  • Completion and filing of an application
  • Payment of required fee ($255.00)
  • Clinical Nephrology Technician Candidates in Ohio: a minimum of 12 months experience in dialysis care is required in order to take the exam. Dialysis care is defined as: performing a monitoring dialysis procedures including initiating, monitoring and discontinuing dialysis; drawing blood; administering medications when administration is essential to the dialysis process; and responding to complications that arise during dialysis
Eligibility for Eligibility for Dialysis Water Specialists Certification Examination:
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent and 3 years of experience specific to dialysis water OR Associate’s Degree/Some college and 2 years of experience specific to dialysis water OR Baccalaureate degree or higher or a healthcare credential (e.g., nursing, physician assistant, pharmacist) and 1 year of experience specific to dialysis water OR current certification in NNCO CCNT or CBNT and 1 year of experience specific to dialysis water
  • Completion and filing of an application
  • Payment of required fee ($275.00)
  • It is required that all candidates have a minimum of one year of experience specific to dialysis water.
Application Procedure:
  • Complete ALL information requested on the application. Mark only one response unless otherwise indicated.
    NOTE: The name you enter on your application must match exactly the name listed on your government issued photo ID. Do not use nicknames or abbreviations.
  • Mail application with appropriate fee and all required documents to:
    NNCO Examinations
    Professional Testing Corporation
    1350 Broadway, Suite 800
    New York, NY 10018
    NOTE: Submit application at least one month prior to your preferred testing date.
Scheduling Your Exam:
        Once your application and fee have been received and processed, your eligibility will be verified and you will be mailed an Eligibility Notice. The Eligibility Notice plus your current government-issued photo ID (such as driver’s license or passport) must be presented the day of your exam in order to gain admission to the testing center. If you have not received your eligibility notice three weeks after submission of the application, contact Professional Testing Corporation at 212-356-0660. The eligibility notice will indicate where to call to schedule your examination appointment. Appointments are first-come, first-serve, so it is recommended to schedule your appointment as soon as you receive your notice in order to maximize your chance of testing at your preferred location and on your preferred date.

Preparing for the Exam:
To help prepare for the exam, in the handbook you will find:
  1. a test content outline
  2. a study guide
  3. a list of references
Report of Results:
        At the end of the examination, candidates will receive a printout that confirms their completion of the examination. Candidates will receive an unofficial test result report prior to leaving the testing center. However, candidates are not eligible to use the CCNT, CBNT, or CDWS credential until their official score is received. Candidates will be notified in writing by PTC within one week after test data is received by PSI whether they have officially passed or failed the exam. Scores on the major areas of the exam and on the total exam will also be reported.
        Pass: Candidates who pass the examination will receive certificates from NNCO. Certifications are recognized for four years, at which time the candidate must either meet the recertification requirements in effect at that time, or retake and pass the examination.
        Fail: Candidates who fail the examination may retake the exam as many times as needed upon filing a new application and fee.

Additional Information:
        Please consult the NNCO examination handbooks for all additional certification and examination information, such as: the purpose of certification, special needs requests, and the rules for examination.


Application deadlines:

NNCO Expiration Month     Deadline
January 1-March 31 March 31
April 1-June 30 June 30
July 1-September 30 September 30
October 1-December 31 December 31

Qualification Criteria:
  • 30 contact hours (CH) related to the practice of nephrology technology. All CH must have been completed during the four years prior to the candidate’s certification renewal date, and may be accumulated in any combination of the following:
    • Employment: Each year of employment in the nephrology business network will be considered 3.75 contact hours. A max of 15 CH may be from employment.
    • Continuing Education Programs: These may include workshops, seminars, professional development offerings, home-study courses, and local/regional/state conferences. The CH provider/sponsor must be identified sufficiently to allow a reviewer to recognize the organization.
    All CH information must be listed on the application for recertification (must include: date, program title, CH provider and sponsor, and number of CH awarded).
  • Applications for recertification must be postmarked prior to the deadline specified for the expiration months shown above.
If the application is approved and criteria is deemed fulfilled, a new four year certificate, effective as of the renewal date, will be issued.

Recertification may be denied for failure to meet the 30 CH, falsification or misrepresentation of CH information, failure to apply before the deadline, or failure to verify CH information when proper documentation is requested. All applicants are subject to potential audit; applicants will be randomly selected for audit. Copies of certificates will be requested; it is suggested that all CH material be retained for at least one year after recertification.

Any candidate who fails to achieve recertification by CH will be allowed to apply for the examination if it is within the recertification renewal date. Certification does not lapse until the examination results are determined. Once certification has lapsed or if a candidate does not meet CH renewal requirements or fails the examination, the candidate must start the certification process from the beginning by meeting current eligibility requirements.

The Appeals Committee of the NNCO provides the appeal mechanism for challenging the denial of recertification. It is the responsibility of the candidate to initiate the process in writing.

Completion of Application

Pages 1 and 2
In the Candidate Information Box on page 1, print your name, complete address, telephone numbers, and certification dates in the rows of the empty boxes.

IMPORTANT: at the bottom of the Candidate Information Box, indicate the date(s) of your original NNCO certification and, if applicable, recertification.

The Eligibility and Background Information Box: Fill the oval that reflects your response to each question; make sure the ovals are filled completely. Do not make x’s, dots, circles, or check marks. Note: All questions must be answered.

Optional Information: The information requested on page 2 relating to race, age and gender is optional. It is requested to assist in complying with equal opportunities guidelines. It will be used only in statistical summaries and will in no way affect your recertification.

Candidate Signature: Sign and date the application in the space provided on page 2.

Pages 3 and 4
Following the directions on pages 3 and 4, complete sections A, B, and C in full.

Sign and date the authorizing statement in section D on page 4. Note: Unsigned applications will not be accepted. Mail the completed application with appropriate fee to:
        NNCO Recertification
        Professional Testing Corporation
        1350 Broadway, Suite 800
        New York, NY 10018

Application fee for NNCO recertification through continuing education: $150.00

Make check or money order payable to: NNCO Recertification

Credit cards are also accepted; complete and sign the credit card payment form on the application.
Note: There will be NO refunds of recertification application fees.